Bill SerGio, The Infomercial King™
Software developer who is listed in the real Marquis Who's Who in America & Who’s Who in Advertising. They only list world famous individuals who are officially recognized worldwide.
The first software SerGio wrote was a Artificial Intelligence Program to determine what products people would buy based on their browsing histories and previous purcahses. He expanded his Artificial Intelligence software to determine the maximum amount to bid on for half hour blocks of television time to maximize net profits in airing half hour infomercials. SerGio wrote, produced, and directed an infomercial selling educational software he wrote that grossed a whopping $486 million in sales in the first year on TV that  personally netted SerGio $472 million in profits.  SerGio took up software programming full time in 1991 and developing software for some of the largest companies in America. Below are just a few of the HUNDREDS of software applications written in numerous computer languages.
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Download My Rubix Cube Source Code (React.js)
Rotate the entire Rubik’s cube by touching outside the cube or
six center cubes. Touch on individual cubes rotate the layers.


Bill SerGio created the Leading UI/UX Mobile Framework that streams millions of HD Movies FREE to any mobile phone or Smart TV. Uses Artificial Intelligence to scrape video data from over 100 Servers like YouTube. Includes 3-D animation API and includes over 100 games ike Grand Master Chess, BlackJack, etc. Include WebRTC Video Conferencing!
Works with: Capacitor, Ionic, Angular, React, Xamarin, JQuery Mobile, Flutter, and ALL Native Mobile Languages & Hybrid Frameworks!


NBC's People Are Talking

Comedian Jay Leno and Bill SerGio get into a heated discussion when they talk about the famous private club for billionaires and exceptionally beautiful women that Bill SerGio owned on Park Avenue in Manhattan.

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Educate America Today®
starring Bill Bixby

Wrote 76 Educational Software Games I sold on a Television Infomercial called Educate America Today, starring my old friend, the late actor, Bill Bixby. Watch my infomercial selling my educational my software that grossed $486 million in sales in the first year on TV.

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Clive James Show (London)

Watch an interview SerGio gave from his home in Coral Gables, FL by satellite on the famous Clive James Show in London.
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Bill SerGio's Famous Infomercials

Watch some of the 100 Celebrity Infomercials
Bill SerGio created and owns. SerGio has directed HUNDREDS of Famous Celebrities in his show including Mickey Rooney, Bill Bixby, Chad Everett, Margaux Hemingway, Linda Gray, James Brolin, and over 100 other famous celebrities.
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Secret of Creating Your Future

starring Linda Gray (Dallas), James Brolin, and Margaux Hemingway.
Bill SerGio sold Tad James self improvement course on this infomercial.
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Verbal Judo

Bill SerGio's created this famous Verbal Judo infomercial that he still owns that today trains over 5,000 Police Departments, the F.B.I., the C.I.A., the Secret Service, Homeland Security, and Scotland Yard in Verbal Judo.
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The Malibu Diet

This is Bill SerGio's infomercial selling his famous Vegan Malibu Diet. This show grossed in in it's first year alone $169 million in sales!
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Are YOU Tired of Killing Monsters and NOT Getting Paid?

Bill SerGio created this gaming infomercial for the famous multi-billion dollar Game Entropia Universe that generated over 1,000 downloads of the game software for every $1 of TV time. Every kid on this infomercial earns over $1 MILLION a year shooting monsters in Entropia. Click Here to Watch

Chrome Web Browser Hacked

I modified the C++ and C# source code of CefSharp to allow <webview> tags to run in a separate process from a single-threaded web page. I also added a search feature that uses Articial Intelligence to return searches FREE of bias from the left-wing, biased fake news sources like CNN, NBC, Twitter, FaceBook, et al...

See My DomainGenie® that uses my Chrome Browser


Generates New Domain Names using a combination of Artificial Intelligence & NeuroLinguistic Programming. It finds the latest BUZZ WORDS and combines them with key action words to create new domain names YOU list for auction. It includes the Chrome Web Browser INSIDE our software so you have at YOUR fingertips the best domain auction sites and seller resources. A Simple Home Business for That Second Paycheck!


Money-Making Angular Shopping Cart for Affiliate Marketing

CodeProject Coding Contest: Best Web Dev Article: Winner First Prize

Angular Shopping Cart for Affiliate Marketing in Angular that Is Responsive with TV Commercials with Powerful Features that Drive Real Sales like Unlimited Distributor IDs for Commissions with Editor


How To Create UDP DNS Datagrams in C/C++, Visual Basic, Java, and Visual FoxPro

This article will cover how to create UDP DNS datagrams to retrieve IP Addresses, MX Mail Server Records, and other data from any DNS servers in Visual FoxPro, Visual Basic and Java by just reading the RFCs. I used this approach in creating my DNS Ad server that can legally display millions of banner ads over millions of computers per minute.


DNS Ad Server That Can Pop Over 4 million Banner Ads per Minute Over Millions of Computers

I wrote this DNS Ad Server in Java that works a little differently from most DNS servers and it can deliver requtested IP Addresses that can legally pop over 4 million banner ads per minute.

Source Code

TaskbarNotifiers, Resizable Skinned MSN Messenger-Like Popups with Video

The MSN messenger like popup includes:
Skins created from webbrowser using XFORM
Plays video in non-rectangular windows
Resizing Region Dynamically in Real Time
Saving a region to a file THE CORRECT WAY!
Loading a region from an embedded resource


Read/Write BlockChains A MILLION Times Faster by Creating/Deleting Linked List Nodes with Double Pointers

I keep reading that reading and writing to BlockChains is SLOW which simply isn't true. I guess these programmers simply do NOT know how to use DOUBLE POINTERS.


JSONP Mobile Handler for Pushing Targeted Mobile TV Ads by Zip Code Radius & Lat/Long

Here is my the source code for one of my high speed video servers that delivers TRAGETED KEYSTONE TV COMMERCIALS that pay you 50% of each sale to users of your mobile apps. Don't waste time with getting only pennies from AdMob.


My famous Windows & Internet SuperCharger® is a Winsock packet sniffer that tracks connections from suspicious countries using Artificial Intelligence to blockf viruses, spyware and adware. It also fine tunes the Windows registry to increase Internet Speeds of more than 3,000 Times Faster!